You Might Need Help: 4 Divorce Situations That Need A Family Lawyer

Divorce is never an easy process. Even if the divorce is a joint decision, problems can still arise. That's why family lawyers are so important. If you're like many people, you might think that you can file for divorce on your own. While it is possible to get a divorce without hiring a family lawyer, it's not advisable.

Here are four of the situations that a family lawyer can help you navigate during your divorce.


If you're going through a divorce, it's important that you consider marital assets. In most cases, there will be assets to divide. If you've only been married for a few years, you might not think you have any assets worth listing. That might not be the case though. This is especially true if you bought cars, homes, or recreational vehicles during your marriage. Those assets do need to get divided. Leaving a long-term marriage. There may be real estate, retirement accounts, and investments to divide. A family lawyer can help identify the joint assets so that you can get your fair share from the divorce. 


When two parties agree to divorce, the expectation is that everything will remain amicable. In most cases, that's what happens. But, there are times when the most amicable divorces turn hostile. When that happens, you need to be prepared to act as fast as possible. This is especially true when violence gets involved. If your divorce has turned hostile, it's time to hire a family lawyer. There are steps your lawyer can take to protect you from domestic violence. They can help you gather the evidence you need for your violence restraining order (VRO). If you're being accused of domestic violence, a family lawyer can help you fight the VRO.


If you and your spouse have children, don't try to navigate the divorce on your own. Even if you both agree to the custody terms, there could still be issues that need to be ironed out. Some of those issues might include parenting plans, visitation schedules, and consent orders. A family lawyer can help you formalise those plans without added stress. 


If you were formalising your immigration status when your spouse filed for divorce, you need to talk to a family lawyer right away. Without legal representation, your immigration status can be at risk. In fact, you could be forced to leave the country. A family lawyer can help you avoid that risk.