Why Family Court Is Not Always the Last Resort for Warring Ex-Partners

When two people are in the process of separating, things can get heated quickly. It's not unusual for disagreements to elevate into outright warfare, and for the two positions to move further and further apart, instead of reaching a compromise. This can be a potentially disastrous outcome, especially if children are involved. Even if they aren't, serious disagreements can simply protract the all-important settlement phase, prohibiting all parties from getting on with their lives. Read More 

How to Make Sure That You Don’t Forget Anything When Setting Up Your Will

Nobody likes to think that their days are numbered and many people refuse to consider the generation of a will until they get to their very advanced years. Yet the stark fact is that death can come at any time and without warning and if you haven't made plans for those who're left behind, this can cause considerable upset and confusion. Remember, the family will be mourning your loss as it is and you want to make sure that what you do leave behind goes to the right people. Read More 

Open vs Closed Adoption: Which Is a Better Option For You?

If you are looking to adopt a child, there are a lot of decisions to make. You will need to decide on the preferred age of the child, where to adopt from, and whether or not you want an open or closed adoption. With an open adoption, you still remain in contact with the birth parents, providing updates about the child. In a closed adoption, there is none or very little contact after the adoption is complete. Read More