Divorce in the Digital Era: Social Media Effects on Divorce Cases

Technology has significantly changed the way people communicate, interact, and conduct business. It has also influenced the family institution when it comes to divorce. In today's digital era, social media profiles and activities can be used by divorcing partners as evidence to solicit for alimony, child support, and child custody. For this reason, it is important to understand the various aspects of social media that can affect your divorce case and how to conduct a less stressful settlement.

Effects of social media on divorce

Information shared on social media can significantly affect the outcome of a divorce case. Here are some of the ways in which social media activity can be used as evidence in court:

Emails and messages

Emails and text messages on social media can be used as proof of infidelity, improved financial status, and other sensitive information that can be used in court. If one lies about their financial status, emails with information regarding their financial status can be used as admissible evidence to solicit for more alimony and increased child support payments.

Child custody

Activity on social media can also be used to battle for child custody in court. For example, if a man wants full custody of a child, but posts pictures of him and friends extremely drunk and irresponsible at parties, such evidence can prove him as an irresponsible parent who's not a suitable custodian of the child.

How to avoid social media pitfalls

You can avoid the devastating effects that social media presents during divorce cases in the following ways.

Keep things private

"If you don't want the judge to see or read it, then don't write it" should be a rule for every couple that's facing a separation or impending divorce. Avoid writing sensitive emails, posting incriminating photos, and writing malicious and defamatory posts about your spouse. As long as the information is on your profile, it can be used as evidence against you.

Avoid online confrontations

Clashes between divorce couples on social media can display an ugly picture to the public. If you have kids, they can come across this information, and suffer irreversible emotional damage and low self-esteem. Make a point of using your lawyers if you cannot communicate directly to your partner.

Utilize security settings

If you have moved on to a new life before the divorce is finalized, consider using social media security settings to make your profile private. This can save your spouse some heartache and also prevent them from using the information as evidence against you.

The impact of social media on divorce cases in this era cannot be ignored. By avoiding social media pitfalls, you can save yourselves a stressful divorce. If you feel that information on your profile can be used as evidence against you, consult a solicitor so that they can advise on the best approach for your issues.